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If you ever wanted a regular flow of buyers willing to pay over the odds for what you do but didn't want to spend thousands of pounds to get it .. this is for you ..

Surge Marketing is a small SEO company providing social media marketing, PR, pay per click, email marketing, website development and all things digital marketing.

We specialise in you (not in one marketing 'answer').

That's because everything's connected.

Imagine, you're sat there and .. I'm John Allsopp, it's me you would be dealing with .. you've got a meeting with me and so I turn up, sit down, we get the coffees sorted and my first question is: well it's both "what's the problem?" and "can you explain your existing sales & marketing process?"

John Allsopp

I see marketing systems as being in equilibrium and my interventions as ways to move that equilibrium up so you get to a new, more sustainable place. To do that I need to know what's working now and what you want to change.

It doesn't matter if you are a large blue chip company or a struggling artist or starting up something entirely new, marketing is marketing.

Actually marketing is: spotting a problem and organising yourself to fix it.

I think marketing is an incredible force for good. (Not everyone agrees with me, but hey, it would be a dull world if we all thought the same.)

Digital marketing problems often break down into three issues, either:

  1. you need more website traffic,
  2. you need more of your website visitors to turn into customers, or
  3. you need your customers to spend more over their lifetime with you.

Marketing is something else too. Marketing is testing. People learn and change in response to marketing initiatives, so what should work according to The Marketing Rulebook might have stopped working a few weeks ago. So if we place an ad, for instance, we are better to place two different ads and see which works best.

You can test pretty much everything. Prices. Headlines. Photographs. Offers.

Imagine if I could just raise your traffic by 25%, your conversion by 25% and your average customer value by 25% you'd be (not 75% better off) over 95% better off. I could double your business.

But this is our first meeting, and you need to be confident I know what I'm doing, so we decide to work on getting you more traffic and you happen to have a new product coming out, so you brief me on that.

My marketing background is PR (but I also have a first class degree in Internet computing so I'm an unusual combination). We decide I will write a product story and send it to the press. No problem. If push comes to shove I can take the product photographs while I'm here (I'm not a bad photographer).

I built The Twitter Growbot that analyses who has the attention of your market. What bloggers do they read? Which newspapers? I'll probably use that to build you a media list.

We will want people who read the story to come to your website, perhaps a particular 'landing page' of your website, so we can tell them more and make them an offer.

Having built a landing page and developed a good offer, it's surely right to make the most of it and publicise it on social media.

And to lock in your success, we agree that I will create test Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on social media and Google search. The beauty of PPC is that we can scale pretty quickly once we have a winning formula, and the results can be near immediate.

Would you like to see my magnificent mind map notes on how to build your own lead magnet?

Good marketing pays for itself many times over.

The other great thing about PPC is we can test search phrases. Some turn into money, others don't. SEO takes effort and is more long term and so we should only do SEO work for proven profitable search phrases, and if the PPC is making money, it can pay for the SEO work. Then when that's done we can ease off on the PPC and you can relax and concentrate on serving all the new clients you're getting for free.

With this small example you can see how Search Engine Optimisation, social media, PR and Pay Per Click ads generate traffic to an optimised website and if you do marketing right, enquirers and customers will want to hear what you've got to say next because you understand them and solve their problems.

I'm not honestly sure how multiple agencies could co-ordinate a digital marketing campaign like this while maintaining your brand values and voice across everything and without a massive paid-for communications overhead.

Surge Marketing is 'just' me*. I've been in marketing since 1981 and learning new stuff is what gets me excited. I argue that to have everything in one head is hugely efficient and cost-saving.

Also, with Surge you won't get sold by the main person, but never see them again and end up served by the intern. (It's a surprisingly common complaint.)

So, if you've read all this (amazing job, well done) how about letting me know which bit of your marketing you think could do with a smidgeon of rocket fuel.

* that's not quite true, I love working with Mandy at Sail if ever I need a graphic design partner. It's not my forte, but it is hers.