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Your (digital) marketing, sorted

Almost all marketing is digital marketing nowadays so let's start with a birds eye view.

My favourite definition of marketing is "spotting a problem and organising yourself to fix it". And the money? That's just how you make solving the problem sustainable.

For me, marketing is the world's greatest force for good.

What makes digital marketing different to the marketing I used to do back in the eighties is that with access to the Internet, people can find whatever they want, whenever they want. And online, attention is the currency. (The current US president is a master at that (and I don't give him it, which is why I've not used his name here).)

All digital marketing is measurable. For example, I can see this website is on page one of Google for 'digital marketing Scarborough' but only 7 people searched for that last month. I'd be 24x better off being on page one for 'seo scarborough' or 'scarborough seo' which 165 people searched for. 'SEO Yorkshire'? Only 2 searches (all as at eo July 2018).

How to succeed in online marketing

First you have to know yourself, especially as others see you. I have a couple of processes for discovering and differentiating your online brand to show the best you (even if you don't know yourself).

The possibility here is the Blue Ocean Strategy where you create a market only you can fulfil (no pesky competitors!)

You have to have a market and know it well. A market is a group of people who share a pain that you can solve or an aching desire, and they can and will pay you. We can discover that before you even start. The huge amount of digital marketing data available makes digital marketing one of the safest ways nowadays to get a return on investment.

Markets are valuable, you will have competitors. You have to provide best value and through excellent electronic marketing, you can.

The best way to be valuable is to understand your market better. If you speak their language and you seek out and solve their problems before and better than anyone else, you can be important. A leader, even.

You have to be a listening company. You must be present where your market is. (Yep, I've marketing methods for that too.)

And you need an Internet marketing system. Marketing tips and tricks need to be applied to a grand design. Modern digital marketing is a co-ordinated system that reaches out to new people and moves them through a process to turn as many of them as possible into raving advocates.

For instance, once you have a set of Facebook likes, you can ask Facebook to find more people like your existing likers. Facebook will apply artificial intelligence and statistic tools to find similar people. If your people like pizza with pineapple and surfing and bitcoin, it will find more people like that who you haven't connected with yet.

Advertise to them with your best content, that is, really useful or entertaining material. This isn't fluff. John Deere has been doing it to farmers for decades. We are now publishers, all of us. We might call this digital media marketing, to include video, photography and infographics as well as the usual static page. Too much effort? Well, you're going to love the effortless and cost-free flow of new business that results from being high in Google.

Think in terms of creating the very best possible content, think 'the ultimate guide to x from the experts (us)'. (Don't worry, I can create it from your brief, I was in PR remember?)

If your content deserves people's attention, they will let you in to their heads. From there you can build goodwill and move them to making a test purchase. That gives you the opportunity to prove you can deliver value way over what they paid.

Having established trust, you are now in a position to sell your main product.

Upsell (think big). Downsell.

Then for customers, ask for a review. Get them into your club.

Core digital marketing methods to use include automated email systems and Pay Per Click retargeting where we can advertise to people who visited specific pages on your website.

Digital marketing is an optimised system developed to bring you business reliably through listening to your market, gaining trust, and delivering real value by solving their problems.

You need to be indispensable to your people. Remember, one click takes them to your competitors' website. What stops them doing that is loyalty, and what keeps them loyal is the value you regularly and reliably deliver by solving their core problems before even they realise they have a need.

Now, depending where you are in the development of your business that may sound impossibly big and complicated but unless you are a real startup (if you are, I can help you evaluate markets), you already have a marketing system. You already do things to get clients and fulfil them.

All we need to do is apply continuous improvement to edge you towards e-marketing excellence.

We don't even need to know the answers right now. Marketing is testing, your market will tell you the answers you need.

To set this up, the price is whatever you want to pay, usually monthly (it just determines our speed of development). Set it at something you can afford to keep up, and as things get better, you can raise it.

Don't be daunted by any of this, it's all completely do-able, it's just an eat-the-elephant thing (one bite at a time). Anyway, every improvement we make gets you more business, or easier business, or automates a problem away and .. you know Surge Marketing has been an online marketing agency since about 2003, it's what we do, you're in safe hands. So just get in touch, let me know what you're aiming for and let's set me to work on improving your digital marketing systems.