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What if we turned SEO guidelines into an SEO system for everyone?

The next keyphrase group in my search phrase analysis for this SEO silo is 'SEO guidelines' and I don't think I know what that is so I searched, like you do, and there are a lot of great SEO training courses out there, but that's not really what a guideline is.

What's an SEO guideline?

"A guideline provides optional advice and information with the goal of streamlining and making more effective a process."

To be honest it sounds like I need a set of SEO guidelines myself. My SEO services are bespoke to every client. I build a custom SEO system every time.

SEO is like "do these thousand things and you'll probably be fine, and if not, here's another thousand" so it's good to pick out the high leverage actions to put together an effective SEO system.

I'm also reading Blue Ocean Strategy which has led me into thinking it might be exciting to find a new way to sell SEO. And I'm always rooting for small businesses.

So what's the plan?

Here's what I'm aiming at, nothing hidden.

As I work on SEO projects, I'll write up my steps and put them into a database. I'll add a how-to as people request them.

I'll probably call it 1-hour-seo, and I'll market my burgeoning SEO guidelines to small businesses, pretty much literally cake shops and dress shops, offering to guide them to do 1 hour of SEO per week with all sorts of help as required.

I'll make the second 20% (80:20 rule) available to everyone for free so you can try it out, but make the rest available at probably £9.99/mth.

There's the concept of development time and process time. So .. one day I decided that I'm going to build out this SEO silo for Surge Marketing that you're reading now. The keyphrase analysis for that, that's one-off development. However the writing of all these pages, that's a process, an ongoing factory. As managers we need to have some control over it.

So if someone is going to do SEO development for an hour a week, they will come up with SEO tasks that need to be done regularly and eventually that hour a week will fill up with the SEO routines they've invented and development time will diminish. We need to make sure those SEO routines are delivering so we can spot whether more time is needed or things need to be outsourced.

I'm going to build the SEO system that provides busy business people, artists and so on to follow best practice SEO guidelines that really work.

Probably then if someone has done it once for one business they might want to apply their new skills elsewhere, either in another part of the business or as a service. I could add in the facility for people to do SEO for more than one business, maybe £19.99pcm. Add in the ability to delegate and manage those SEO routines, £29.99pcm, and finally add in outsourcing to skilled providers £39.99pcm.

Some SEO tasks follow on from others, for instance you can't do the analysis of keyphrases from Webmaster Tools until you've set it up on your website.

I'm thinking I can statistically tie together actions with outcomes so that we can prioritise which SEO tasks really work.

And maybe there are thinkers and doers. I'm a thinker, I could do with pairing up with a doer. And doers tend to look askance at me sometimes, like "what are you on about? Make a list, tick 'em off, go 'ome." And of course there are people who need the tech help but are fine writers, and others who are great technically but not great with graphic design.

So my big SEO Guideline is "be magnificent". Seriously, if you want to stand out, which is what this is, then stand out! For SEO success, it's not good enough to set your standards only as high as everyone else.

That's not really a good guideline for the artist who doesn't know SEO. So to streamline SEO and make the process efficient .. I need to build a system to deliver on that and in that case my heart says build something anyone can use and let's democratise SEO.

Fine words, but my SEO guidelines system is just a twinkle in my codebase, except here are just a few possibilities from the very first inklings of it:

  • Promote your content
  • Enable RSS
  • Check your headlines don't tease, now discouraged by Google
  • Deal with duplicate content
  • Connect Webmaster Tools
  • Pinterest is getting stronger, check your strategy
  • Optimise for voice queries

.. so if you'd like to be one of the first ten people to sign up and so have free access to it forever, plus you get to tell me what's good and what's bad in the early versions if you want, let me know below.

This has been about helping you to do SEO right. If you're starting to get the feeling that you'd rather someone else do it, there's always me .. start with my SEO page and see what you think or just get in touch.

PS. It's 13 October 2018 now and I started writing this silo in August. I've written 7 pages in the SEO area, and my impressions have doubled and my clicks too. Notably I've not risen much in 'SEO Scarborough', the rise is mostly from being ranked for new phrases. Also my average position is still in the mid forties. I'm sure the answer to that is link-building, but I'm curious as an experiment how far I can push just building an SEO silo, so .. onwards.