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It doesn't matter how many times you communicate if you're saying the wrong thing

I’m a marketing consultant that cares, I’ve four decades of experience and knowledge, and I’ll work hard to get you what you want. So .. what do you want?
Tell me about you

About me

I’m an ethical marketer. From a background in Computer Science, I started in PR in about 1981, ended up with my own PR company for a decade or so, then from 2000 I took an Internet Computing degree here in Scarborough, so now I mix marketing with tech.

I’m a marketing consultant with probably an unusual ability to write the copy for and to build automated online marketing systems that push through the clutter and feel meaningful to your clients and prospects, and I aim to simplify your life too.

I really believe in marketing as the world’s biggest force for good. Marketers tease out problems and then organise themselves to solve them sustainably. Fantastic. Let’s do that all day.

I get most praise for my copywriting. Carry on reading and judge for yourself.

My sparks come from reading widely, being interested in everything and everyone. I’m always in the middle of two or three learning courses .. usually two on marketing techniques and often something musical.

I really would love to help you .. I was going to write “build your business” but of course, not everyone has a business, you may be a charity or an artist or someone retiring but still with a contribution to make. Also, ‘building’ is .. lazy thinking. I’ll bet what you really want is more success for less heartache. Maybe not bigger, but definitely easier. But bigger is good if that’s what you want.

Better clients. Better business. The perfect amount of it. More profitable (if that’s your thing). Fewer returns and complaints. More testimonials. A baying crowd of enthusiastic fans would be nice.

You might like my PowerGrid marketing system. It’s my way of clearing the clutter and focusing on your best opportunity so we can get to results quickly and affordably and fingers crossed that will pay for everything we decide to do together.

I can’t touch your prospects’ heart if I don’t know them really well, from a marketer’s point of view, with a sales psychologist’s head on. So that’s usually where I start. But once I know your avatar we can do something, for instance:

  • maybe we email your existing clients with a new offer,
  • perhaps we run social media ads to the people who come to your website but don’t buy, or
  • possibly we write a new piece of content and go fishing for new prospects.

Depth is my difference. Left to my own devices I’ll optimise every one of your customer contact points and add some more. I’ll get deep into your enquiries, your complaints and your help requests. I’ll add 10%, 50%, 200% to everything good, knowing and measuring what flips your prospects’ switch, optimising until your marketing machine humms and whirrs while you sleep.

It might be possible to develop just one marketing process that’s absolutely yours. If it’s super customised for you and provides everything your business needs, if you can turn it up when you need more business, and turn it down when (say) key people go on holiday or whatever, then .. that’s all you need.

And I really want to do that for you if you are working to do good in the world. I take a reasonably broad view of what’s good and I will probably want to dig in to why you are doing what you are doing so I can help you go where you are going and feel more fulfilled. Ultimately a cake shop is not just a cake shop and the reason it matters to people, how that cake shop connects and resonates, is different for different customers. Seriously, I just want a cake shop client. All my examples are about imaginary, perfect cake shops.

What works is me bringing an outside view to your routines. Asking questions. Emphasising. Nudging. Bringing new techniques.

I kinda want a world where people can reach their potential. Where they feel a little risk is safe to take. So if you’ve any line back to anything like that .. if you grow apples or teach yoga or build houses or you make machine tool parts, it’s all good if your heart’s right. And if it is, we’ll get along fine and I can find you lifelong fans.

I’m here for you, and I want you to succeed. So tell me what you want.

(I’m finding it almost impossible to resist following that with ‘what you really really want’.)